Alumni Executive Board

The mission of Wharton’s executive boards is to advise the School and enhance and expand Wharton’s impact as the foremost teaching, research, and experience-led business school in the world. The Alumni Executive Board supports Wharton External Affairs in its efforts to engage Wharton alumni globally through learning, community, and philanthropy and increase lifelong affinity to the School. 

Sam Lundquist
Chief Advancement Officer, Wharton External Affairs
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


David Greenwald, W’80

Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP


Alpesh Chokshi, EE’85 W’85 WG’88, PAR ’23

Global Head of Business Development, Personal Banking & Wealth

Albert Dombrowski, WG’93

Former Partner, Managing Director
Goldman Sachs

Sarah Francois-Poncet, LPS’20, PAR’11 PAR’18 PAR’19

Coaching, Consulting, Speaking & Writing
SFP Coaching & Consulting

Benjamin Frost, W’96 WG’01

Partner, Managing Director
Goldman Sachs

Seth Gribetz, W97 WG’98

Founder and Managing Partner
Walnut Court Capital

Jeffrey Hechtman, W’86, Parent CAS’19, W’21

Managing Partner
Horwood Marcus & Berk Chartered

Raj Iyer, WG’02

Chief Executive Officer
SpecifX, Inc.

Jonathan Koplovitz, C’90 WG’95

Edward McBride, W’96

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Centiva Capital

Anne Morse, WG’84

Owner and Founder
Aronwold Partners

Raj Pherwani, WG’93

Senior Partner
Bain & Company

Scott Puopolo, WG’90

Operating Partner
Digital Alpha

Andrew Rechtschaffen, W’99 WG’00

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Arex Capital Management

Gus Roessler, WG’90


Steven Sarracino, WG’06

Activant Capital Group

Robert Schwartz , W’97

Co-Founder and Managing Principal
Spruce Capital Partners

Yvonne Stevens, WG’91

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Halsey Point Asset Management, LLC

Geoffrey Strong, WG’06

Nick Thakore, WG’93

Chief Investment Officer and Founder
Diametric Capital

Nicolas Topiol, WG’91

Bechert Corporation

Robert Wolf, W’84

32 Advisors, LLC

For questions regarding the Wharton Alumni Executive Board, please contact Alex Toner, Director of Board Relations, at